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What is JLESA?

Learn. Share. Network. Collaborate

With the key principles of LEARN, SHARE, NETWORK and COLLABORATE, The JLESA forum aims to provide a platform where students, teachers, members of the industry and researchers can learn, share, build networks and collaborate in identifying and addressing the challenges facing Japanese language education in South Asia.

What do we do?

Learn. Share. Network. Collaborate

The JLESA forum has of present two main activities.

1. Annual Conference 

2. Special Forums 




Learn. Share. Network. Collaborate

​Crossing institutional and geographical boundaries, this forum is an attempt to synergise the strengths of the students, teachers, researchers and members of the industry, primarily to find solutions to issues and recognising the needs of the JLE community in South Asia 

​JLESA Community

Learn. Share. Network. Collaborate

JLESA has  volunteers from the Japanese language education community in South Asia and other regions, who contribute to the activities of this forum in various capacities such as planning, facilitation, workshop organizer etc. 



​Is JLESA an acronym?

Learn. Share. Network. Collaborate

JLESA is an abbreviation of the initial letters of Japanese Language Education in South Asia. Being an initialism and not an acronym, the word is pronounced letter-by-letter (J-L-E-S-A).

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